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My name is Nelson Bardal.

After seeing the protests on Wall Street and other locations around the country I decided to start this blog. This country has lobbyists for everyone but us the working class. Yes we have our political parties, that when elected are supposed to   run the country to our benefit.

The Republicans and the Democrats when elected do what is best for their party not necessarily what we need. You of course know the republicans are for business and the rich. The democrats are for the little guy…. sort of. Seems when the democrats put in new regulations they always seem to run just a bit short of what is really needed. They have to look after businesses as well because if there is no work then why would anyone want to vote for them.

So what is the answer? Us, we are the answer. We need to  be our own lobbyists we need to let government know what we need and that we have the political clout to get it. We have no real protection at work. We get paid whatever the economy will allow us. If there are a lot of folks out of work then you can expect to work for minimum wage regardless of experience. We can be worked hours on end but because of loopholes we do not always get a fair amount of overtime pay. Companies need to know that if they want to keep operating then they need to pay us enough to be able to buy their products. There is so much more than needs to be changed.

If we join together and hire our own lobbyists then our voice will be heard. Since we are not trying to get voted in we have no reason to cave to anyone. Leave that to the political parties.

If your interested in making your life better and having some real control over wall street and how we are treated as workers and citizens lets move forward with this.